The Innate Luxury of High Thread Count Sheets

Nothing in or on your bed is as luxurious as a set of 1800 thread count sheets. The silky soft feel belies the durability that high thread count sheets have to offer. Usually reserved for a life of luxury, the highest thread count sheets deliver the highest quality – but usually at the highest prices. At Arizona Bed Sheets we only offer the most luxurious bedding but we do so at prices that are not only affordable but under market value. Comparative prices across the internet are listed at $150 or more. At Arizona Bed Sheets, our 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets start at just $55.00.

We set these incredible prices where we do because we sell our products through fundraising events for local organizations to which we donate a portion of every sale.  Our sheet sets include a fitted and a flat sheet, and pillowcases (1 for twin set). Available is a variety of colors, our sheets are guaranteed to never shrink, pill fade or wrinkle. Egyptian cotton is also highly breathable and stays luxuriously soft.

Besides our high thread count sheets, our bedding line is rounded out with duvets, pillowcases, blankets and bamboo pillows. Bamboo pillows are naturally breathable and dissipates heat as you sleep. This pillow is also machine washable and will last years as it won’t lose its shape or go flat. Check out our home and travel options on our pillow page.

We have you covered, literally head to toe, when it comes to sleeping comfort. We stand by the products we sell and we hope to provide you and your family with many years of peaceful, comfortable slumber.


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