High Thread Count Sheets & High Standards Too

At Arizona Bed Sheets, our entire business philosophy is governed by just a few simple principles. By focusing everything we do on these principles and values we are able to always make sure that we stick to the core of who we started out as and who we hope to become. Those values that we continuously come back to are service, quality and charity.

We always strive to provide the best quality available in 1500 thread count sheets, duvets and pillows. All of our linens are wrinkle resistant and shrinkage free. Durable enough to last for years without pilling or fading, our high thread count sheets are always manufactured under the strictest of quality control standards.

Beyond the sale, our focus remains on providing stellar customer service. Every customer, whether new, returning or potential, is the number one priority of each and every one of our staff members. Keeping our prices better than competitive and below market value is just another aspect of great customer service to us and we find that allowing our customers access to the highest quality products at a reasonable cost is just a fundamental part of doing the most we can for our client base. We also strive to be consistently available and knowledgeable enough to answer any and all questions regarding any of our products.

Finally, we feel that every business has an obligation to its community and we donate a portion of every one of our sales to both local and national non-profit organizations. Our passion for community and charity is what helps guide us toward the future.


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