Just What is a Duvet?

Its one of modern mankind’s most pressing questions that has perplexed the average consumer for decades: What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

After all is said and done, not much. The terms, duvet and comforter are sometimes interchangeable, especially here in the United States, though there are some differences. Usually the label of comforter is used when referring to the thick, usually quilted, often fluffy and always comfy bedding that adds a touch of design to any sleeping quarters. Duvets, original to Europe,  tend to be more of a flat bedding option filled with down, wool or a synthetic. Generally duvets are meant to be used by itself, replacing the need for extra sheets and blankets. Duvet covers are removable and interchangeable for easy cleaning.

Arizona bed sheets carries an exclusive line of inexpensive, yet high-quality duvets in a range of colors meant to suit any bedroom decor. As with our entire line of high thread count sheets, our duvets are offered at below market prices. Our duvets are made to be durable and long-lasting and promised to never fade, pill or shrink for a beautiful look that will last for years. Complement your duvet with our 1500 thread count sheets in contrasting colors for a custom designer look.

At Arizona Bedsheets, we have you covered, literally head to toe, when it comes to sleeping comfort and beauty. We stand by the products we sell and we hope to provide you and your family with many years of peaceful, comfortable slumber.

1500 Thread-Count Sheet Collection


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