The Perfect Bed Starts with Perfect Sheets

We’ve all seen the pictures of perfect beds in magazines taunting us with our inability to ever get ours to look as luxurious and comfy. Everything about those beds look amazing, from the plush appeal to the inviting color choices to the perfect amount of pillows. It’s enough to make one want to go home and start from scratch. To attain that perfect look and feel, stripping it all down and starting again, actually isn’t a bad idea as all that beauty starts, literally, under the sheets. Build a great bed from the bottom up with these tips:

  1. Start with a great mattress. A quality mattress is a good investment as it will last for many years to come.
  2. If you like the look of a bedskirt and plan on using one, make sure to iron it first. Secure it in place with the proper pins.
  3. Add extra cushiness with a good mattress pad.
  4. Use high-quality sheets. Preferably 1800 thread count sheets that are made from Egyptian cotton. (We know a great supplier ….)
  5. Learn how to do hospital corners – if you so desire.
  6. Add a thin quilt just on top of your top sheet.
  7. Top with a duvet for extra warmth and fluffiness. Fold in half or just over on top to show off your sheets.
  8. Use bolster pillows to fill the gap between the pillows and the headboard.
  9. Layer plain-dressed pillows, pillows in shams then decorative throw pillows in front. Use two across for a queen-sized bed, three for a king.

At Arizona Bed Sheets we are passionate about delivering the perfect 1800 thread count sheets in order for you to find your perfectly comfortable bed.


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